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ENT 4.004.tif
Birchall's steam-driven grand riding school roundabout. Copied from a postcard dated Portscatho 15 Octob er 1905 and addressed to Mr J Cooke (?), SG Ombra (?), Marvin's Yard, Cowes, Isle of Wight:

"Dear Uncle Jack,
How would you like this outside…

FISH 8.003.tif
The 25-foot mackerel boat 'Andy-Roy' with Dodger at Tolcarne, Newlyn.

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BRIDG 9.002.tif
A construction scene of a Brunel wooden bridge being replaced by stone.

STRT 6.012.tif
Print taken from a book. Clive Carter 83.

PEOP 9.004A.tif
Portrait of Anthony Eric Giles, the Taunton-born Cornish artist photographed in his garden at Langley Cottage, St Agnes, Truro in April 1977. The photograph was taken following his double Royal Academy award. Pictures selected then were 'Trethosa…

PEOP 9.004B .tif
Sir Alan Dalton (right) presenting Taunton-born Cornish artist Tony Giles with the cheque for winning the 'Art in Industry' exhibition sponsored by the The English China Clays Group of which he (Sir Alan) was Managing Director at the time.

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ARTS 9.001.tif
An unnumbered Frith postcard (printed in Saxony as many of them were). One of a variety of this type to be found in old collections. This card titled 'A few lines from Dear Old Cornwall' is a mock letter written in Cornish dialect with a blank for…

ARTS 6.012.tif
From a drawing by Thomas Rowlandson (175601827), showing oxen with their wagon waiting to be loaded, people sitting near hayricks and trees and hills in the background. PREVREF 2190 duplicate

STREET 4.006.tif
Photo from a postcard - caption unclear

CUST 8.007.tif
An accordion band at 'Obby 'Oss in Padstow, 1982.

SCAPE 6.009.tif

WRECK 8.035.tif
also see COLLINS.3A, WRECKS 32OF 196


TRANS 8.140.tif
Associated Equipment Company. A typical "outing" in the early 1920s. Buses and coaches like this were popular just after the first world war when the war department sold chassis for around £100 to £200. Local carpenters and coach-builders built…


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