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PEOP 21HF 147.tif
Bedford Bolitho laying foundation stone

BUILD 7OF 412.tif
From 1857 glass plate.

IND 16HF 056.tif
from a large collection of Drift Dam photos box. 3B

SPORT 26WF 001.tif
Women's Football Team, Marazion

PEOP 21HF 183.tif
Note elaborate working uniform

BUILD 7HF 244.tif
The long Bar, Railway Hotel, Penzance

BUILD 7PG 272.tif
The cafe Marina, Penzance after the serious fire in 1935. The cottages visible on the right are the Steven's Serpentine Works cottages.

STRT 28QG 167.tif
Dinghy's Hotel Alexandra Road, Penzance.
Now The Beachfield Hotel.
Caption reads "Russian cannon & Coastguard Station on the left; the cottages (known as the Rookery) on the right".


STRT 28OF 217.tif
Morrab road, Penzance,
Carriage serpentine works, Photographic studio of Vaughan Paul,
Unfortunately Vaughan Paul's Glass Negatives were recycled as Green-house panes in the 1950s

STRT 28OF 247.tif
The bottom of Market Jew Street.
From the Railway Hotel

T0WN 29HF 009.tif
Penzance from Chywoone Hill Church Monument Dome
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